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Richard Marsh pointing the way in a Legendary Tours T-shirt. Photo by Cindy Kolanko

Story-teller Richard Marsh leads groups to prehistoric, historical and legendary sites to tell stories of magic and mystery, heroic deeds and monumental folly, cunning tricks and black humour from the most vibrant traditional literature of Europe. (About the Legendary Tours T-shirt)

Richard Marsh returning from a visit to the Otherworld through the sidhe mound at Seefin, County Wicklow

Irish myth and legend come to life in a special way "on location" at Stone Age passage tombs, Bronze Age stone circles and dolmens, Iron Age hill forts and ring forts, standing stones, ogham stones, earthworks and raths.

The passage tomb at Seefin (left) in the Wicklow Hills is one of the "re-birthing chambers" or Sidhe (fairy) mounds visited on some of the Tours.

Also included are local tales such as the Púca, Hempenstall the Walking Gallows and fairy trees, and stories of Saints Kevin, Patrick, Mo Ling, Colmcille, Brigit and others.

Unsolicited testimonials from repeat tour clients:

"I have raved about your tours ever since to any of my friends that were considering a trip to Ireland!"

"We often recount our exploits with you to others (the climbing over stonewalls, stepping in cow piles, scrambles up mottes and down baileys....and especially the lovely stories)."
[Note: stepping in cow-piles is optional.]

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For those who can't come to the places in Ireland,
Richard travels to other countries to tell the stories.

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