Legendary Tours T-shirt

(also known as the Legendary Tears Tour Shirt)

This unique T-shirt, designed by Christine Warner, is not sold in shops. Only clients who have satisfactorily completed* a Legendary Tour are eligible to purchase one. Price 8 euros.

The front shows a stylised drawing of the Proleek Dolmen on the Louth Tour, the most picturesque dolmen in Ireland. The back has a representative sampling of sites and characters on the Tours: Cúchulainn brandishing a freshly liberated head, Queen Maeve in her chariot, the inscription on the Donard Ogham Stone, carvings from Cairn T at Sliabh na Caillí, the Lia Fáil and Cormac's House and the Forradh at the Hill of Tara, and a generic warrior, passage tomb, stone circle and ring fort.

*To satisfactorily complete a Legendary Tour the client must:

1) be conscious and upright at the end of the day;
2) not have fallen asleep during the stories;
3) not have grumbled or complained excessively about the cold, wind, rain, mud and midges (gnats);
4) have navigated barbed wire fences without snagging clothes, climbed over gates without tumbling, avoided stepping in cowpats.

(Note: stepping in sheep shit is considered lucky; in fact, it's unavoidable at the Hill of Tara. Nettle stings are acceptable if treated promptly with a dock leaf. Slipping on the descent from the motte at the Hill of Slane is normal, though landing on your back in the middle of the nettle patch -- it has happened -- is not recommended.)

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